Spokes Council Election Hustings

Transport Policies, with particular reference to Cycling

Local Council elections take place on 5th May.  The Spokes hustings on March 28 will challenge representatives of the main parties represented on Edinburgh City Council to explain and defend their transport and cycling policies for the next 5 years.  All speakers are candidates in the election.

Each speaker will have 5 minutes to outline their transport and cycling policies for the next 5 years, after which there will be a one-hour QA during which speakers will face searching questions from the online audience.

Website articlewww.spokes.org.uk/2022/02/thurs-5-may-2022-council-elections

Tweettwitter.com/SpokesLothian/status/1506737466547609602  Hashtag #SpokesMtg


Date/Time : Monday 28 March 7.30-9.30

Registration : Register in advance – the link is in the above website article and tweet

Further information/ press queries

MARTIN McDONNELL [meeting organiser]
Phone: 07884 265071
Email: mcdbristol116@gmail.com

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