European Railway Atlas

If anyone with an interest in railways has not heard of the European Railway Atlas series then they have missed out.

This superb series gives detailed information and maps of the railway network in different countries with details of whether single or double track, whether electrified, stations and much more. Below is the author’s summary of the latest British Isles Atlas, which reveals all.

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British Isles Railway Atlas (

Recently out is my new British Isles Railway Atlas. A handsome fifty-six page hardback book from the European Railway Atlas stable. Based on the existing Britain & Ireland Atlas of the Regional Series it has seventeen main maps, plus twenty-two enlargement pages and numerous insets. Full details are:
  • All national network railways
  • Purpose built high speed lines
  • Main lines
  • Secondary lines
  • Freight lines
  • Electrification systems
  • Line names and timetable numbers
  • Heritage railways
  • Narrow gauge lines (with gauges)
  • Nearly 6,000 stations and other locations with the more important ones picked out in red
  • Triple and quadruple track lines marked
  • All metros and the London Underground
  • Passing places on single lines
  • Tunnel names and lengths
  • Junction names
  • A full index of all locations and heritage railways
  • An overview map of Great Britain giving an at-a-glance view of the whole network
  • Three mark-up maps of passenger lines to record the routes you’ve travelled over
The book is A4 hardback with sewn binding and the pages are printed on high quality 130 gsm silk paper.
You can download a sample from here
(Please note that you need a pdf reader on your device to open the pdf file)
Prices are £19.95 + p&p for the printed book, £12.95 for the downloadable pdf file or £24.95 + p&p for the printed book & downloadable pdf