Granton Gasworks Station to undergo restoration

A former train station in Edinburgh will undergo a £4.75m restoration as a “creative workspace” after councillors approved the plans.

The regeneration of the Edwardian B-listed Granton Station building will be part of a new waterfront district.

Edinburgh City Council revealed that they approved the finances, that will be partly funded though a Holyrood regeneration project, for the plans on Thursday.

It is hoped that the building will be back in use by 2022 with a public square to be created in nearby derelict land.ADVERT

The public square will be used for community events and “recreation to be enjoyed by residents and visitors”.

The work will be part of the creation of Granton Waterfront, for which work has begun to build 450 homes for sale.

Cllr Rob Munn, Convener of the Finance and Resources Committee, said: “Granton Station is an important link to the rich industrial heritage of the area, and I look forward to seeing it back in use once again.

“As it did in Edwardian times, the building will serve the local community but now as a vibrant and modern business hub with open public space outside for everyone to enjoy.”

(Taken from STV news item)