Scotland Leads the Way with Rail Electrification

Paul Tetlaw highlights the benefits of rail electrification ahead of the launch of electric train services to Barrhead later this week.

“The launch of electric train services to Barrhead on 10 December represents the latest phase of the ongoing electrification programme in Scotland.

This, coupled with the announcement that contracts have been let by Network Rail for the follow-on electrification of the East Kilbride line, is good news indeed.

Electric trains will be cheaper to operate and maintain, provide a more efficient service and a much enhanced passenger experience.

In the fight against climate change, electrification is a key step in the decarbonisation of the railway and a sure way to attract more people out of their cars and onto public transport.

Scotland’s Railway deserves credit for showing those south of the Border in England the way forward.

Indeed the contrast has not gone unnoticed by commentators who have praised Scotland’s politicians for setting out and delivering a clear decarbonisation strategy.”