Levenmouth Timetable Consultation

This item is topical as the next CRAG meeting on 16th November is about the Levenmouth Rail Link.

Paul Tetlaw wrote a response on behalf of Transform Scotland (TS) to the Scotrail consultation on new timetables for Fife to serve the Levenmouth line.Key conclusion in the report are:

  1. TS believe that most passengers from Leven will travel to Edinburgh and therefore support the Interim Timetable B as it provides direct trains via Kirkcaldy.
  2. TS agree that the planned timetable for year two and onwards is the correct option as it provides direct services to and from Edinburgh via Kirkcaldy plus local connectivity within Fife via Dunfermline.
  3. TS would wish to see the average journey time of the direct services closer to 1 hour to maximise
    marketing opportunities both to and from Leven and so build passenger numbers

To read the report, please click on the link to Transform Scotland’s website.

2023-10-23 ScotRail consultation — Transform response